The farmbot

Technology is revolutionizing all areas of society, and why not your garden too?

That’s what we’re trying to understand with Farmbot, the connected robot that helps gardeners better understand the needs of their plants.

Discover the first Swiss farmbot.

Can a robot garden?

It plants, waters, monitors growth and gets rid of weeds with the utmost precision. Equipped with sensors, it can calculate hydrometry and identify undesirable weeds. It also warns us when vegetables are ready to be picked.

Controlled remotely from a web interface, it allows you to set up your vegetable garden, taking into account the characteristics of each plant (light, water, space, association). This makes it ideal for use on roofs with limited access.

The interface also lets you define sequences of actions that will enable you to plan cultivation for a season.



An open-source Farmbot to test and improve

With the growing need to integrate agriculture into the urban environment, adaptable and customizable robots could become an increasingly important part of the landscape.

Promoting the autonomy of the individual vegetable garden, they are therefore interesting tools for the development of urban agriculture.

Légumes Perchés analyzes the Farmbot’s capabilities and the possibilities for such a device in our societies.


Test the Farmbot’s physical capabilities, mobility and resistance, and whether it can replace humans, particularly in inaccessible areas (rooftops, remote exteriors). See how to improve its watering, weeding and precision functions.

Growing cycles

Which plants can the robot care for? Can the farmbot set up a vegetable garden that can support a household, or even more? Test vegetables, yields and find the most compatible crops.

Interface and Software

Continue to develop the interface using open-source resources. Perfect the maintenance of a remote vegetable garden, create efficient sequences for the robot and integrate technology for agriculture into our daily lives.

Want to work with Farmbot or find out more?